60 Minutes in Behavior History: An Interview of Dr. Teodoro Ayllon with Dr. Hank Pennypacker

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Dr. Teodoro Ayllon is one of the original scientists to apply operant conditioning techniques to human subjects, specifically in the psychiatric hospital.  Over the years, he applied the science to prison systems, schools, private organizations, and state and federal agencies.  He published over 80 scientific articles and 4 books covering the lifespan.  Dr. Ayllon is a licensed psychologist in Georgia, where he continues to serve in private practice.  Dr. Ayllon is also a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and is a professor emeritus of psychology at Georgia State University.  Join Dr. Hank S. Pennypacker in a journey with Dr. Ayllon to hear his story of his early beginnings and influences, as well as Dr. Ayllon’s vision for behaviorism in the 21st century.

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