Analyzing and Developing Systems that Support Ethical Behavior

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About the presentation: 

In this course, we will focus on how systems impact our ability to engage in ethical behavior and how we can help develop systems that encourage ethical responses of others. In order to do this, we will focus on Behavioral Systems Analysis (BSA) – a set of principles and processes that allow us to dissect the systems we operate within, as well as external variables that influence those systems. By determining the variables that influence the behavior of groups, we can use a unit of analysis known as the “metacontingency” to see how behaviors become “interlocked”, which heavily influences whether people will make ethical (or unethical) choices. Case studies and examples will be reviewed, as well as tips for establishing ethical organizational climates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to determine the benefits of behavior analysts learning about behavioral systems analysis (BSA)
  • Participants will be able to identify the three basic principles of BSA and how they can be analyzed
  • Participants will be able to select differences between the units of analysis in BSA, including behavioral systems, behavioral contingencies, and metacontingencies
  • Participants will be able identify macrosystemic influences on ethical behavior, such as the policies and practices of insurance funding bodies
  • Participants will be able analyze individual influences on ethical behavior and determine systemic changes that support ethical behavior
  • Participants will be able determine actionable steps that allow for the development of ethical organizational climates

About the presenter:

Shannon Biagi is the CEO and founder of Chief Motivating Officers, LLC, an organization dedicated to improving the world at work one behavior change agent at a time. Through her work as an organizational behavior management (OBM) practitioner and educator, she has enacted positive behavior change in numerous organizations worldwide and has influenced the professional development of thousands of leaders through speaking opportunities, training engagements, performance management solutions, and executive