Dr. Murray Sidman Interview

1.5 Type II CE Credits

About the presentation:

Dr. Murray Sidman responded to questions from the European Journal of Behavior Analysis about his contributions to the science of applied behavior analysis, as well as current topics in the field. Rigorous research methodologies along with our approach to populations outside of behavior analysis continue to be paramount to the dissemination and acceptance of our science.  Dr. Sidman also elaborated on stimulus equivalence, relational frame theory, and reflections of his early education.

Following this presentation, viewers should be able to:

  1. Identify Dr. Sidman’s major contributions within behavior analysis.
  2. Discuss Dr. Sidman’s views on coercive control in research.
  3. Elaborate on stimulus equivalence in regard to language, relational frame theory, and competing theories.
  4. Identify implications for using behavior analytic methodologies for education, practitioners, and other disciplines to address societal problems of today.
  5. Reiterate the importance of relating our language and strategies to outside disciplines and populations.

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