E Scott Geller- Podcast

E Scott Geller- Podcast

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An interview conducted by Dr. Antonio M. Harrison, BCBA-D, discussing behavior analytic approaches to coaching and socially significant and impactful societal change with Dr. Scott E. Geller of Virginia Tech.  The discussion specifically focuses on the publication of Dr. Geller’s new textbook Actively Caring for People: Cultivating a Culture of Compassion, self-motivation, the value of Behavior Analysis and dissemination to the public, and his social change project Actively Caring for People and Actively Caring for People Policing.

Listeners will be able to:

  1. List ways in which Behavior Analysis can influence societal behavior
  2. Distinguish between effective coaching, supervision, and leadership strategies & technologies
  3. Apply specific technologies to influence behavior
  4. Analyze socially significant behavior

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