Julie Smith – Hardwiring Best Practices in Hospitals Using a New Behavior-Based Management System

1.0 Type II CE Credit

This presentation was recorded at the 2014 Behavior Safety Now Conference in Buffalo, NY.

About the presentation:

Over $1 trillion can be captured in the next decade by reducing variations in the cost and quality of care. To capture this prize, best practices will need to be developed and scaled aggressively. West Virginia University Hospital, in partnership with Dr. Julie Smith, is developing a behavior-based management system that accelerates adoption of checklists in the fast-paced hospital environment in order to “hardwire” best practices. This data-based management system, powered by a user-friendly, foolproof app, transforms checklist usage from “mechanical” to “meaningful.” The unique elements of the management system will be presented including the app, the new metric for calculating “Behavior Momentum” across a large system, and the evidence-based research that makes the system meaningful to even the most skeptical physicians.

About the presenter:

Julie Smith, Ph.D., is a thought leader in behavior-based strategy execution and performance improvement. She has made major strides in continuous improvement, customer service, change leadership and leadership development. Assembling unprecedented talent and behavioral methodology, she has helped many Fortune 100 companies and government agencies. Julie utilizes Applied Behavioral Science to affect change at all levels of an organization, from organizational change implementation to the changeover of a worldwide computer installation. And, executives look to her for leadership training, management counsel and employee productivity improvement.

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