Karen Pryor – Dolphin Clicks to Clicker Empire

3 Level II CE Credits

About the presentation:

Did you know you can train fish to swim through hoops? That dogs can dance? That horses can decide the best way to pull a heavy load through the woods? Karen Pryor and her students have literally changed the face of animal training. Hear how an unexpected training opportunity in Hawaii opened Karen’s eyes to operant conditioning, and started her career in animal problem solving. Learn how her early trials and errors allowed her to fulfill her childhood dream of being a biologist, and how making a career detour on the mainland ultimately led back to animals again. See how a redesigned child-proof toy started an international sensation in the animal kingdom, and is now infiltrating the human realm, as well. Discover how applied behavior analysis is evolving in the animal world, and how a distinct audible sound can be used as a marker for fine-tuning a desired behavior, as a bridging reinforcer for emitted behavior, AND as a cue for a desired behavior to come. If you have thought about expanding your shaping repertoire and have decided it really IS time to teach your cat to play the piano, or your reptile to safely move from one place to another, then this video is perfect for you. Join the (R)Evolution of Behavior Analysis in recognizing the incredible contributions of Karen Pryor; Author, Scientist, Animal Trainer, Teacher, and trailblazer in the field of applied operant training.

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