Mark Sundberg -Mapping Verbal Behavior

1.0 Level II CE Credit

In cooperation with Karen R. Wagner, PhD and Behavior Services of Brevard, we offer the following CEU opportunity from The (R)Evolution of Behavior Analysis project:

Mark Sundberg: Mapping Verbal Behavior

Dr. Mark Sundberg, through his own efforts as well as partnering with others, has brought verbal behavior to a whole new level. Virtually everyone in the field of behavior analysis, using verbal behavior techniques, has heard of Dr. Sundberg. Hear how his trajectory into the performing arts as an undergraduate was deflected, much to our benefit. Hear how his collaboration with Jack Michael helped develop techniques still in use today. Learn how Jerry Shook contributed heavily to the early career of Dr Sundberg and how his ongoing desire to improve the dissemination of verbal behavior led to the publication of his most recent curriculum, The VB-MAPP.

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