Panel Discussion: Behavior Analysis Leading Ladies

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This presentation was recorded at the 2015 Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Annual Meeting

About this presentation: 

Five of the most successful behavior analytic females, among many, were selected from across the lifespan and across different areas of behavior analysis to present their views on the science and its current and future challenges. The areas covered by these women, some with overlapping areas of expertise, include behavior-based safety and safety leadership; education including instructional design and classroom coaching; experimental analysis focused on autism spectrum, large-scale cultural interventions, the role of verbal behavior, values-based decision-making, and applications internationally.  They will discuss those individuals who have influenced them, how they approached the field to begin with,  and what current and future opportunities and dilemmas they see for the field from a leadership, growth,  and cultural demand perspective.This panel was moderated by: Darnell Lattal, Ph.D., Aubrey Daniels Institute

About the presenters:

Panel Members Include:

  • Janet Twyman, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Massachusetts Medical School/Shriver Center
  • Julie Smith, Change Partner Healthcare
  • Mary Sawyer, Postdoctoral Fellow,Aubrey Daniels Institute
  • Claire St. Peter, Associate Professor, WVU
  • Linda Hayes, Distinguished International Professor, University of Nevada, Reno*
  • Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts

**Invited presenter, not able to attend the filming