Raymond Miltenberger – For Safety’s Sake

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In cooperation with Karen R. Wagner, PhD and Behavior Services of Brevard, we offer the following CEU opportunity from The (R)Evolution of Behavior Analysis project:

Dr Raymond Miltenberger: For Safety’s Sake

Raymond Miltenberger has taken safety training to a whole new level. While at Western Michigan, Dr. Miltenberger was heavily influenced by several professors such as Al Poling and Jack Michael, but it was Wayne Fugua who developed his interest in habit reversal, and Cheryl Poche who initiated a long line of research in safety skills training for children. A post-doc at a prestigious research hospital in Maryland allowed him opportunities to learn and collaborate with such notables as Terry Page, Gary Pace and Brian Iwata, and prepared him to work with significantly behaviorally-challenged individuals. Although he has worked with this difficult population, he continued to focus on the behavior of more typically-developing populations, and their potentially dangerous behaviors. Ranging from gun safety to abduction prevention, Dr. Miltenberger has amassed a large body of research that has identified some critical areas of focus, particularly when teaching life-saving safety skills. Hear how a shocking outcome to an early research project challenged Dr. Miltenberger to re-think what he thought he knew, and observe as he explains how he gained hard won knowledge in behavior change procedures that can have a significant impact on the general population. Join the (R)Evolution of Behavior Analysis as we examine the career of, Dr. Raymond Miltenberger.

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