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About the presentation:

Dr Raymond Romanczyk is everywhere. From positions of influence in the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts, to the American Psychological Association, to the Association for Behavior Analysis International, to Health systems in the state of New York, Dr Romanczyk is an agent of change. Learn how his acceptance in the psychology department at SUNY during a critical period of change shaped his future professional directions, and allowed him the opportunity to further his interests in evidence-based practices as Rutgers went through a similar metamorphosis. Hear how his work with children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, have made him a contributor to the science of behavior through many outlets. See how he has used his experience in Basic Research, Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, and other disciplines in order to affect change in local, regional and national systems. Find out why attending conferences is so important to your continued evolution and development as an agent of change. See how involvement in the organizations and processes that affect your ability to practice may involve work and dedication, but are surprisingly easy to infiltrate. See how attending some early-morning conference meetings may have a profound impact on your ability to contribute in meaningful ways. Get practical tips from an expert regarding involvement within the field, and discover how influencing larger systems in which we practice may be more challenging initially, but can pay off in big ways. This video gives valuable basic information on how to increase your professional involvement in the field of behavior analysis, not only for altruistic reasons, but to benefit your career, practice and opportunities in the behavior analytic community. If you have ever wondered how certification tests are created, or how you could become more involved in the processes of policy and practice, this CEU session is for you!

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