Ethics and clinical practice: A candid conversation about sex and money

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This presentation was filmed at the 2015 CCBS Ethics in Professional Practice Conference.

About the presentation:

Psychologists and Behavior Analysts face a myriad of ethical challenges in the course of their professional careers. On the surface, issues surrounding sex and money appear straightforward. It is never ok to have sex with clients nor is it acceptable to commit fraud to make money. However, a closer examination reveals lots of subtle complexities in running a successful private practice. All too often clinicians find themselves navigating these situations unsuccessfully. In this presentation we will explore some of these issues and discuss possible strategies for dealing with such powerful reinforcers.

Upon completion of this presentation attendees will be able to:

  • Identify a behavioral definition of human sexuality.
  • List two significant barriers to sharing sexuality with others.
  • List two strategies for accumulating more money in their clinical practice.

About the presenter:

Dr. Holdsambeck is a licensed psychologist with over 35 years of clinical experience delivering services to people with developmental disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum. He was one of the first to become board certified in behavior analysis (#0007). The company he founded, Holdsambeck and Associates, employs over 230 clinicians serving 1500+ individuals annually in California. Previously he served his country as a Captain in the Air Force and his community as a professor of behavior analysis for over 25 years. He was selected as the 2010 distinguished colleague by the Chicago School LA’s Department of ABA. In 2011, he received the outstanding service award from the Cambridge Center for his work in bringing evidence-based practices to California. Dr. Holdsambeck is an author and frequent keynote speaker at National and State conferences. In addition to the activities mentioned above, he currently serves as the Executive Director of the prestigious Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™.