Supervision: Flying Over Kansas Thinking About Oz

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This talk was filmed at the 2019 Leadership and Supervision Conference at The University of Kansas

About the presentation:

The movie version of Frank Baum’s classic 1900’s children’s novel (The Wizard of Oz, Warner Brothers, 1939) has been analyzed for decades from various angles.  There are archetypes like Glenda the good witch and Toto the trickster, yellow brick roads (i.e., golden path that lead to hopes and dreams), a false wizard, and a long treatise on courage, intelligence, and heart. In the end, the journey showed how weathering storms and pursuing dreams can produce positive outcomes. This is of course unless the flying monkeys and fields of poppies get you first. The journey of supervision can be viewed as a parallel experience to those that Dorothy and her peers experienced in The Wizard of Oz. Providing a structure for leadership and supervision in the fields of clinical psychology and applied behavior analysis can be a challenge.  It takes weathering adversity, surrounding yourself with the right friends, following the right path, and valuing diversity.  In this talk I will cover some strategies for providing supervision in challenging environments both in my current practice of ABA and my past work as a clinical psychologist.

Learning Objectives Participants will be able to:

  1. List two archetypes from the movie The Wizard of Oz that relate to their current practice in either ABA or clinical psychology and how they help or hinder their work
  2. List two benefits to creating and maintaining a diverse workplace
  3. List two exemplars of workplace poppy fields in their current or potential work environment

About the presenter:

Dr. Holdsambeck is a licensed psychologist with over 40 years of clinical experience delivering services to people with developmental disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum. He was one of the first to become board certified in behavior analysis (#0007). The company he founded, currently named Holdsambeck Behavioral Health, employs over 250 clinicians serving 1500+ individuals annually in California and Hawaii.  Previously he served his country as a Captain in the Air Force and his community as a tenured professor of behavior analysis and human sexuality. He was selected as the 2010 distinguished colleague by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Department of Applied Behavior Analysis. In 2011, he received the outstanding service award from the Cambridge Center for his work in bringing evidence-based practices to California. Dr. Holdsambeck is an author and frequent keynote speaker at national and state conferences.  His most recent publications are the highly acclaimed books, Behavior Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service (Holdsambeck and Pennypacker Eds., 2017, Volumes I -3 and Omnibus).  In addition to the activities mentioned above, Dr. Holdsambeck is currently serving, pro bono, as the Executive Director of the prestigious Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™.