Tim Courtney – Looking Through a Different Lens: Educational and Medical Models of Intervention for Individuals with Autism

1.0 Type II CE Credits

This talk was filmed at the 2019 CCBS Autism Conference in Buellton, CA

About the presentation:

Individuals with autism often present with complex needs. These needs may impair the individuals ability to access multiple settings. Interventions to address these impairments are often both medically and educationally necessary. Due to the comprehensive nature of intervention, this also provides a unique opportunity for clinical and educational experts to coordinate. In this presentation, I will review the definition of educational and medical necessity. We will also explore opportunities for collaboration. We will also explore potential barriers and brainstorm strategies. The presentation also includes stories highlighting situations in which both clinical and educational teams have coordinated to achieve significant outcomes.

Learning objectives:
1. Attendees will distinguish between educational and medical necessity
2. Attendees will identify opportunities and strategies for coordination of educational and medical intervention
3. attendees will analyze potential barriers to coordination and determine potential interventions

About the presenter:

Tim Courtney is foremost a behavior analyst who is passionate about the science of human behavior. His journey began with a chance meeting with a friend who explained her career as a behavior analyst. Tim was instantly intrigued, as this role was well aligned with his value for effective intervention. Highly motivated, he then quickly completed the coursework requirements to get his Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCaBA ® ) certification. Shortly thereafter, Tim enrolled in the Master of Applied Behavior Analysis program at Florida Institute of Technology. He had the amazing opportunity to work in several diverse settings: public schools, residential programs, center-based programs, and in private and group homes. Tim loved doing clinical work, and he found his calling when he shifted to operations and the system-wide performance of LittleStar. As a result, Tim’s research focus became the practice of behavior analysis — such as how to work with insurance companies — as well as management, supervision and leadership. Right now he’s working on his PhD in Leadership at Benedictine University. When Tim is not working or engaged in work-related reading, he is active in CrossFit and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, grandson and two wonderful labradoodles.

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