Tristram H. Smith- The Next Generation of Research on Applied Behavior Analytic Interventions for Individuals with ASD

1.0 Type II CE Credit

About the presentation:

The extraordinary success of behavior analytic interventions for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has fueled the rapid growth of behavior analysis as a profession. However, behavior analysts face two challenges in sustaining this growth and continuing to improve ASD interventions: (1) confronting competition from investigators in other disciplines, who now direct about 90% of extramurally funded, ASD intervention studies, and (2) balancing advocacy for current ABA interventions with the need to identify gaps in existing knowledge and set priorities for research. This talk makes the case that one key area of need is to synthesis findings from single-subject studies on isolated procedures into interventions that are demonstrably usable by independent providers and useful to individuals with ASD. The talk also presents a framework for achieving such a synthesis by advancing through a series of stages to develop, standardize, validate, and deploy interventions.

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