William L. Heward- Helping School-Age Students with Autism Succeed in Regular Classrooms

1.5 Type II CE Credits

This presentation was recorded at the 2014 CCBS West Coast Conference on Autism.

About the presentation:

The most scientifically documented outcomes of maximum benefit to children with autism have been achieved by early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) with children under age 6. While some children who have received EIBI make a smooth transition to public school classrooms, many others struggle mightily with the demands of a new and complex environment. The rationale, research base, and implementation resources for instructional strategies that help students with autism learn five skill sets necessary for success in general education classrooms (e.g., complete tasks independently, interact with peers appropriately) will be presented.

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to:

  • Name five skill sets needed by students with autism for maximum success in inclusive classroom
  • Identify five challenges teachers face when conducting group lessons
  • Explain how using low-tech ASR techniques such as choral responding and response cards minimize those challenges and make group instruction more effective
  • Describe guidelines for using choral responding and response cards
  • Identify three devices or tools students can use to self-monitor their academic or social behavior in class
  • Identify common problems that render many collaborative learning activities ineffective and describe how Numbered Heads Together and well-designed classwide peer tutoring systems counter them
  • Identify common elements shared by evidence-based classwide peer tutoring models
  • Describe the behavioral characteristics of students who would benefit from learning to recruit teacher attention and assistance
  • Outline steps for training students how to recruit teacher attention and assistance
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