Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from the Center for Behavior Analysis at the University of West Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble with aspects of our courses system? We have the answers!

Where do I go to to assign my BCBA and/or QBA numbers?

Once you have registered an account with our site, have confirmed your email address, and created your password, you should be able to access the My Account page. Here, there should be a tab labeled Account Details that allows you to change aspects of your account. At the bottom of the form on that page are two fields for your BCBA and QBA numbers. Once you’ve filled out the necessary fields, just save the form and any certificates that you earn will use your newly entered numbers.

What is a BCBA number?

Your BCBA number is assigned to you by the BACB – Behavior Analyst Certification Board. See their website for more details.
The majority of our courses support BCBA certifications.

What is a QBA number?

Your QBA number is assigned to you by the QABA – Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board. See their website for more details.
Only a small number of our courses support QBA certifications. Make sure to check the course description to ensure the course you are signing up for supports QBA if required.